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Compiled by Emily Lynch

These are a few stories from DRIMERs who are a part of the weekly ministry teams on Robson Street in Vancouver.  For 16 years, the story and love of Jesus has been shared through drama and simple conversation.

It was Sierra’s first year in DRIME.  She enjoyed the community of the team, but her main desire was to find a way to really engage with people on the streets.  During her first night of ministry, she was able to chat with many people. However, it was during her second night of ministry when she found a method to engage those watching the dramas.  She walked up to a man and asked, “How are you doing?”  From there, they talked about their weekend plans, hometowns, families, and eventually the conversation led to Jesus.  Sierra came up to her leader at the end of the night and exclaimed, “I figured out how to talk to people, you simply chat with no agenda and Jesus comes up!”

It was our first night of ministry in Vancouver this year. I had just come out of a drama when I looked up and saw a man drawing.  He was standing beneath the street light, pencil in hand, focused on his artwork.  I grabbed my coat and walked over to stand next to him.     My friend didn’t accept Jesus right there, but I was able to give him the Soul Cravings Prequel, which we have continued discussing over e-mail.  I believe that God planted a seed in his heart and mind that night and I am hoping and praying that this seed will eventually become fruit so that God could be glorified in his life.

Evelyn is a first year DRIME member.  She is from mainland China and has always had a heart for her country and its people.  This passion was recently revived after an encounter with a Chinese man on the streets of Vancouver during a time of ministry with DRIME.  She was able to have an entire conversation about God in Mandarin.  Through this conversation, she realized how hard it can be to minister to people because of the walls they put up and beliefs they can hold onto. Nevertheless, her heart was evermore determined to reach out to her fellow countrymen and share the love of Jesus.

Please pray for the DRIME teams as they weekly minister on city streets around the world.  Pray for boldness to share the Gospel and for hearts ready to accept Jesus!  If you are in the Vancouver area and would like to join us on the streets or would like more information, fill out the contact form below.

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