Trading Pain for Peace

Written by Emily Lynch

On a crisp night on Robson Street in Vancouver, there was a man sitting on the steps, diligently watching the dramas.  This was the third drama he had seen that night and tears were finding their way down his cheeks.  Elsie, a first year DRIMER, had been watching him for a while and discerned that he was ready to talk; she made her way over and sat down next to him.

The man talked about how he had been hurt as a child and how the church had wounded him.  Elsie continually pointed him to the dramas and told him that Jesus loved him.  As they continued to watch the man in white, his face changed completely.  The stress and chaos that had once filled his eyes was replaced with peace and rest.  He sighed.  Elsie ended the conversation by praying for him and he promised to come back to learn more about the man in white.

Are you hurting?  Do you need prayer? One of our team members would be happy to pray for you!

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