Need to be Loved

by Emily Lynch

“I just want to feel loved by somebody,” Glenn told me, looking defeated. We were sitting on the steps of the art gallery on Robson Street in downtown Vancouver. He had just finished telling me that his parents refuse to have any contact with him because of his homosexual attractions. All the family turmoil was causing him severe stress, which was showing itself in physical ailments.

My heart was breaking inside as I sat with this man who felt alone and wanted so badly to feel loved and accepted. As the dramas were happening before us, I told him that I had also gone through a time when I felt lonely and unloved, and depression took over.

“But,” I said, God has helped me see that while I may feel alone, that is not the case. Jesus loves you so much, Glenn; he sent his Son to die for you.”

“I know the story and I believe, but I just don’t see many Christians living that out.”

My heart broke at this response and with tear-filled eyes I told Glenn I was sorry he had been hurt. But I also assured him that even though people sometimes make mistakes, Jesus never does and will love him no matter what. We ended the conversation by praying for each other.

“This is what I was talking about,” he exclaimed after we said ‘Amen.’ “This is people loving people. Why is this different? Why are you different than other Christians?” he asked, gesturing to the rest of the DRIME team.

Glenn’s question is one I have often thought about. What makes us different? I have learned that true intimacy with Jesus brings about a true representation of his love for people. When this intimacy is happening in your life, the rest of the world can’t help but notice.

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