“I’ve never owned my own Bible before!”

By Jordan Dueck

One night on the streets of Vancouver, I met Ian, a local actor. We talked for most of the night about DRIME and our lives. Because of his deep involvement with the performing arts, he was supportive and impressed with DRIME.  There were times when the conversation would stop and he would be taken in by what was going on in the drama.

Ian and I shared about some deep matters and I gave him my e-mail address, but I did not hear from him for 2 months. After that gap of time, Ian came back to watch DRIME perform. He had never seemed interested in talking about religion or spirituality, and after catching up I felt that we had hit a dead end. I silently prayed that God would give me the words to say, and took a leap of faith, asking him if he had a faith. To my surprise, he opened up right away and shared about his agnosticism. We talked about sin, mentoring, family situations, mistakes, and everything in between.  He has read some of the Bible and has a very basic understanding of the Christian faith.  As the final drama ended, I offered him one of the New Testaments that DRIME offers as a resource for conversations.

Ian’s face lit up and he said, “Are you serious? I’ve never owned my own Bible before!”Ian has Christian people in his life who could guide him to Jesus, and this time he gave me his e-mail address.  Ian & I developed a friendship and, Lord-willing, it can extend beyond Robson Street.  Ian is seeking a greater truth and our prayer is that Christ will reveal Himself to him!

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