Written By: Esther Lee

This last weekend, I went down with the team to do ministry on the streets of Vancouver. While the dramas were going on, I looked around me and saw a young man around my age watching intently as the team performed. I walked over to him, introduced myself, and asked if he understood the dramas. He shook his head, so I started explaining to him that the man in the white shirt represented Jesus, while beginning to share the Gospel with him. He looked a little confused after I finished talking, and I thought to myself, “I completely blew it; I finally get a chance to share the story of Jesus with someone and I did a terrible job at it.” I wanted to end the conversation, but at the same time I felt an urge inside of me to continue talking with him. I asked where he was from and what he liked to do in his spare time, and he told me that he was from Mexico, and liked dancing.

The word ‘Guidance’ popped into my mind, and I began to share with him what that word meant to me personally. If we took the word ‘Guidance’ apart, it actually meant “God U and I DANCE”. Using ballroom dancing as an example, I talked about how ballroom dancing was all about the emotions of love and passion. Our relationship with God can be thought of like ballroom dancing. When both God and us are trying to lead in our dance of life and are not willing to submit, the dance will not be smooth and elegant like it is supposed to be. However, when we are willing to submit to Him and allow Him to take control in our relationship, not only will our dance be smooth and elegant, but the emotions of passion and love will follow into our dance as well.

After a couple minutes of silence, he looked at me with a surprised expression and said, “I never thought of the relationship between us and God in that way before! I guess I am the one that is always fighting to take the lead in my dance with God as opposed to submitting myself and allowing Him to take charge.” I then asked if he wanted to surrender his life to God and to ask Him into his heart, and much to my surprise, he said yes! I prayed with him to ask Jesus into his life, and by the end of the prayer both of us were beaming with joy. Although I had felt nervous and not at all confident during my conversation with him, I am so happy that God used me in ways I never thought was possible. I do not know if I will ever see him again, but one thing’s for sure: I now have a new brother in Christ, and although we may not see each other here on earth again, I will surely be able to see him again in heaven!

This is Esther’s second year as a part of DRIME Vancouver. She also served in Hong Kong this summer during the mission trip.

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