Sweet Return

By Evelyn Yeung

One night on the streets in Vancouver, we were setting up to do ministry. Our dramas haven’t even started yet, but I felt God telling me to go talk to the man sitting on a bench. What are we going to talk about? I wondered. Earlier that day, I learned about different evangelism tools, but right then my mind was a total blank! Yet the nudge in my heart was so strong and convicting that I had to obey. I was afraid to go, but God insisted.

It didn’t get easier right away. I chatted a bit with Sam, and told him that there was a book I thought he might be interested in. He politely declined. I tried to still share a bit about the book, and was thrilled when he picked up interest and took it: Soul Cravings by Erwin McManus.

That was the start of a precious friendship, and we continued to talk at the same street corner every week. By God’s grace, I was able to encourage this brother who was once baptized but had drifted away from God. It was a joy to walk alongside him as he turned to God once again. We prayed for his heart to be free. He bought a Bible. I even got to watch him share his faith with his friend.

God has really opened my eyes through all this. I learned that I didn’t need an agenda to start a conversation about God. I learned to not judge whether or not a person would accept Christ. And perhaps above all, I learned that God is always at work, whether or not we can see it…and the story doesn’t end here. To Him be the glory!

Evelyn is currently serving in her second year as a DRIME member in Vancouver. Please keep the Vancouver team in your prayers as they meet people like Sam on a regular basis!

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