Still Taking Care of Me

By Miriette | DRIME Benin leader & Togo mission trip member

IMG_4381When our mission team was in Kara, we saw a lady and I started sharing the gospel with her. The lady said, “Oh, I’m already a Christian.” She told us that she had received Christ in 1991 and that Jesus has helped her through many difficulties through the years.

When I heard that she was a Christian, I thought we could just go, but then Beth (team leader) asked if she had any prayer requests. Then she told us her situation: Her husband has two wives, and he is not providing for her and her daughter, so they are moving from house to house staying with relatives. She asked us to pray for them since this is not stable for her daughter. So we prayed together for her daughter, and that her husband would be able to save up some money and build them a house.

IMG_4570Because she was getting older, she was starting to doubt: “Could God really help me? Will I really be able to have a house?” I told her, “If you believe that He can help you, He can do it.”

The thing that touched me the most is that the lady said at the end, “God continues to do marvellous things in my life.” She was supposed to go to a church conference that day, and she didn’t have enough money to get there, but then we came and announced the gospel. “God brought the gospel and the conference to me!” she said, “He’s still taking care of me.” She was so happy that we were there to talk to her.

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