Greater Power

IMG_6225By Evelyn Y. | Mission trip member

On our Togo trip, we visited a village where a voodoo priest lived. As we presented the gospel through drama and testimonies, this voodoo priest and his family stealthily approached us, in order to “test if we had power”. Some villagers tried to prevent them getting close, but others said, “Let them go closer. I believe that the DRIME team did not come alone today, but with a greater power.”

This family used many incantations during the altar call, but they were surprised to find that none of their incantations were working. Many came forward to become believers, including the priest’s son (God had been working in his heart before we came). The voodoo priest talked with our team for a long time. Though he wasn’t willing to leave his idols and follow Christ, he got on his knees and prayed with us, and asked us to keep on praying for him.


I was amazed at God’s sovereignty over the whole situation, and how He used different team members to minister in the village, even though we didn’t know the full story in the moment. Glory to God!

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