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DRIME Camp Testimonies

img_1339Last month, we sent a mission team to South Korea to train others in the DRIME tool. Here are some responses from those who attended a four-day “DRIME camp” and participated in two times of street ministry. 

“I decided to come to DRIME camp because a friend came. Even though I decided to come, I was still nervous about evangelism. After I participated in DRIME camp, my fear is gone, and after I participated in street ministry, my fear is gone too.” 

img_1186“I knew how to do this kind of performance, but I didn’t know how to have conversations with people. That was one of my areas of fear, but during the first time of street ministry, I saw other students being bold in conversation and I was really encouraged by others. After that, I could be involved in conversations with others. I could do it – I could preach God’s word to others. God is working.”

“I wasn’t supposed to be here – I was a substitute for people who couldn’t come. I had fear about evangelism. I am not very good at choreography, but others encouraged me, and the passion of others encouraged me. It was a really good spiritual experience.”

You can see more pictures from this trip or read other testimonies of how God used the DRIME tool in South Korea last month.

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