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Meet DRIME’s new director

When Lillian Tarvudd joined DRIME 14 years ago, she had no idea it would lead her to this... Read More


This Christmas light up a city

What if you could empower DRIME team members and help make Jesus inescapable on street corners all over the world? Read More


Lessons from Brazil in Mobile Evangelism

What do 28 people from Canada, Thailand, Paraguay, Mexico, Brazil, Kenya, Benin, and Togo all have in common? What could bring people of such diverse backgrounds together in the remote, almost forgott... Read More


Healing and Transformation

...he proclaimed from that small stage in front of the group of men how he had felt God's presence as we prayed and how the Lord had healed his back... Read More


“I need Jesus!”

Marlene started to share her experiences of how God had helped her accept herself and build a healthy self-esteem. One of the woman cried out and started sharing about all the miserable things she had... Read More


He Meets You Where You Are

She wasn’t hard to spot. Marta settled herself comfortably with a cigarette on the stone bench opposite our makeshift stage, her flaming red hair and freckled skin in stark contrast to the crowd of ... Read More

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