From Voodoo to Freedom

"I am a vodoun disciple and it’s not the first time for me to hear this message. Every time before, I resisted. But this time was different; I felt like something bigger than me was pulling me out of my house to listen." Read More

Dramatic Connection

Maggie shared with our team member that before she turned to Christ, her life used to be similar to this character: she took drugs, was involved in triad activities, and she even attempted suicide once before turning to Christ. Read More

She Came Back

A street cleaner named Cindy came across our DRIME team as we were performing dramas. She said she saw our team at this same location in August 2014. The dramas had caught her eye then but she had been too busy to stop. Today she decided to stop so she could watch more of our dramas. Read More

Vancouver Victories

On a cold fall day, yet felt more like winter, Janet stopped by the streets to see what was happening. What she wanted to know more of was who the man in white was. Life seemed good for her but something was missing and she couldn't put a finger on it as to what that was. Read More

Light & Darkness

The street lights dimly lit his face under the hood he kept on his head, and his hands held tight together, but this light couldn’t get to the darkness in his soul. Read More

I Cannot Do Anything For You…

"He told me that he cannot do anything himself for me, but Jesus could!" Read More

Youth Only?

She told me that she had liked the dramas and the message we gave. She told me, "It is very good to young people to do that." I replied that we did this not just for youth people, but that this message of hope was for all. Read More

Turning it Around

Enrique's life had been a total mess, where he had been involved in crime and drugs. However, he had met Jesus, and this relationship totally changed his life. Read More

Calgary Highlights

Through conversations with him, we found out that he feels utterly alone and rejected by his community. By talking with some of the DRIME members, he said that he had always been afraid of white people but now counted us as friends and felt that he could trust us. Read More

Meeting our Brother

"I was at home, doing nothing special, when I felt that I wanted to eat ice of the girls started explaining the drama and started talking about a life with Jesus and I knew that you were doing something with a purpose." Read More

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