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While in Argentina…

DRIME Paraguay recently had the opportunity to travel to Argentina to take part in a large conference with people from many South American countries. Today, one of the leaders shares his experience. Read More

Finding Love

Jessica told me that never found the love that she needed in her mom and one time her mom had told her that she never wanted to get pregnant and have Jessica in her life. As a result of feeling unwanted, Jessica tried many times to end her own life. Read More

Youth Only?

She told me that she had liked the dramas and the message we gave. She told me, "It is very good to young people to do that." I replied that we did this not just for youth people, but that this message of hope was for all. Read More


"I didn't want to stop here at this plaza because I have to get home...but it is so hot today, I just had to rest for a moment here in the park. How fortunate that I stopped when you were presenting and came to talk to me…" Read More

Turning it Around

Enrique's life had been a total mess, where he had been involved in crime and drugs. However, he had met Jesus, and this relationship totally changed his life. Read More

Meeting our Brother

"I was at home, doing nothing special, when I felt that I wanted to eat ice of the girls started explaining the drama and started talking about a life with Jesus and I knew that you were doing something with a purpose." Read More

Mission in Progress

“Being in DRIME has given me more confidence in talking with people at my university. I don’t feel scared to talk about Jesus with my classmates anymore.” Read More

Right Place at the Right Time

She received Jesus in her life that day, and I know that he will heal her from all of the hurt that she has gone through, and will continue to comfort her. Read More

I am a Friend of God

He said to me, “Jesus is not my friend.” I asked him, “Do you want Jesus to be your friend?” Read More

Healing the Hurt

I didn’t know how to say it to her, but I told her that I saw a deep hurt in her eyes, and also hatred from the many times she had been hurt by others. Read More

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