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Searching for Something Greater

It was so apparent that Tommy was searching for something greater. I asked him if he wanted to be someone completely different. Read More

Leadership and Conversations

Throughout DRIME, I have been able to grow in my walk with God and challenge myself in my faith. Leaders in DRIME really poured into me – they told me that I had leadership and evangelism skills and poured into me. I was only 18 and didn’t know that I was a leader and didn’t know God had a call on my life like that. Read More

Vancouver Victories

On a cold fall day, yet felt more like winter, Janet stopped by the streets to see what was happening. What she wanted to know more of was who the man in white was. Life seemed good for her but something was missing and she couldn't put a finger on it as to what that was. Read More

Light & Darkness

The street lights dimly lit his face under the hood he kept on his head, and his hands held tight together, but this light couldn’t get to the darkness in his soul. Read More

Reaching Out

It was amazing to me how God could use me and take away my nervousness so that I could willingly pray for a man I’d never met before. Read More


Jesus' conquering of death and sin allows us to find peace and freedom, even when we lose a loved one. Read More


It seems like peace is something that people are after these days--maybe it's because we live in a world with lots of distractions, technology, and busyness. Maybe it's just because we're finally starting to realize there is something missing inside. Read More

You’ve Got a Friend in Me

In a world of conditional love and good deeds, this really is a revolutionary thought. How can it be that we get the love of God no matter what we do? Read More

The Truth Will Set You Free

"I had no idea that there was a God like that.” I understand that you have told me the truth and that Islam cannot also be the truth... Read More

Sweet Return

I felt God telling me to go talk to the man sitting on a bench. What are we going to talk about? I wondered. Read More

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