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Light & Darkness

The street lights dimly lit his face under the hood he kept on his head, and his hands held tight together, but this light couldn’t get to the darkness in his soul. Read More


"If it’s true that Jesus healed the lame, blind and wiped away the tears of the weeper then I think it’s also my time he wipes my tears," said Susan. Read More

Learning to Pray

She decided to pray to Jesus and ask him to take away her stomach pain. She had no idea where that thought came from, because it never crossed her mind to pray to Jesus before. But she was desperate for help, so she did. Read More

Healing the Hurt

I didn’t know how to say it to her, but I told her that I saw a deep hurt in her eyes, and also hatred from the many times she had been hurt by others. Read More

Healing and Transformation

...he proclaimed from that small stage in front of the group of men how he had felt God's presence as we prayed and how the Lord had healed his back... Read More

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