Answers and Hope in Bangkok

During the Leadership Summit, we had the opportunity to do ministry on the streets of Bangkok as an international group of DRIMERs from nine different countries. Here are two stories from some of our leaders and their experiences on the streets. Read More

Youth Only?

She told me that she had liked the dramas and the message we gave. She told me, "It is very good to young people to do that." I replied that we did this not just for youth people, but that this message of hope was for all. Read More

Hope for the Hopeless

He told me how he used to be a Christian but wasn’t anymore. I asked him if he missed being a Christian. He nodded. I explained who God is to me using the analogy of a loving father and comparing Him to how Frank would love his children. He seemed to understand what I was saying. I asked him if he wanted a God like that in his life and he nodded. There was moment of clarity in which he was fully present, despite the alcohol in his system. Read More


Jesus' conquering of death and sin allows us to find peace and freedom, even when we lose a loved one. Read More

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