Community in Calgary

Before the trip, I was confused, at best, to how real community could be true. I would not have imagined that, only a few days after meeting my team, I would have been a part of a community that was constantly the recipient of marveled comments on how there was something different about us, how free we seemed, or how close we were. Read More

Calgary Highlights

Through conversations with him, we found out that he feels utterly alone and rejected by his community. By talking with some of the DRIME members, he said that he had always been afraid of white people but now counted us as friends and felt that he could trust us. Read More

Coming Alive

Lately, I’ve come to realize I’m living in a very ‘different’ world, one that does not have a basic knowledge of the Bible or Jesus or even about true Christianity. After reading Soul Cravings by Erwin McManus, I believed that now there was a fresh way for me to communicate with this generation. Read More

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