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Two Miracles

Nancy saw the dramas and was interested in the man in white. She really wanted to know more about him. A DRIME member had a chat with her and explained to her who the man in white is. Read More

Change, Seeds, and Peace

After she had been watching for a while, we shared with her about Jesus Christ. She shared that she had been feeling useless in her life and wanted a change. Read More

Ministering to the Outcasts

There was this woman, who after watching the dramas came to us. She wanted to know why we have accepted to make ourselves dirty by falling on the ground don’t we have better things to do? We told her it is because of Christ. Read More

Kenya Connections

One of the pastors that we connected with shared with us: "Many times you've visited his church doing ministry but I have just come to realize how effective the tool is. The materials you have for evangelism have impacted my life." Read More

Meanwhile, In Africa…

After the drama, he explained to us that in seeing the suffering that Christ endured for him he realized how ungrateful he had been by not accepting the sacrifice of Jesus. Read More

No Excuses

At the beginning of the conversation he insisted he didn’t want to be saved; he admitted he was a sinner and was going to hell... Finally Keith said, “I don’t have any excuse anymore..." Read More


"If it’s true that Jesus healed the lame, blind and wiped away the tears of the weeper then I think it’s also my time he wipes my tears," said Susan. Read More

Ministry Moments

Stories from street ministry in the Kibera slum. Read More

A New Creation

She asked me to share the word with her, and so we shared Jeremiah 33:3: “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.” Read More

African Adventures

They literally attend practices, make their way to ministry locations and weekly serve on the streets - amidst political uncertainty, consistent poverty, and family struggles...I'm inspired to make my life count the way they do! Read More

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