Right Place at the Right Time

By Romina Villamayor—A story from DRIME Paraguay

I felt drawn to talk to a girl that I saw sitting all alone in the park. She seemed sad, and I felt like I should share my testimony with her, even though it was a little bit scary to share with someone that I had just met. So I walked over to her and started sharing with her, even though it was hard. After I told Anna my story, I knew that it was God who had prompted me to share with her, because she exclaimed, “That’s exactly the same as my story!” She shared with me that she had tried to commit suicide because her life had been so difficult, and she was now in counseling. I listened to her as she shared about her broken life, and she started to cry.

I felt so much pain for her that I started to cry with her, and another DRIMER and I just hugged her and wiped her tears away. She said that our hugging and by crying with her, she felt the comfort of God and was receiving the love that she wasn’t getting from her family. I asked her if she wanted to know Jesus, who would always be there to comfort her. She said yes, and we prayed together. She received Jesus in her life that day, and I know that he will heal her from all of the hurt that she has gone through, and will continue to comfort her.

Later that night, I got a call from her. She told me, “I met you at the right place at the right time. It was so wonderful that I had the chance to meet you!” She also told me that she was praying that God would bless her in her circumstances. I was reminded how much God cares about each person, and I am so grateful that I had a chance to meet Anna at a time when she was ready to open up her life to Jesus!

This is Romina’s first year in DRIME. She wants to become a missionary, where she will continue to lead people to God, and to the love and comfort that he brings.


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