Coming Home

Stories from the 2012 Base Leaders Summit

From March 5-11, DRIME leaders from 6 countries gathered together in Nairobi, Kenya for a week of leadership and ministry training, where each person learned  more about themselves and how to make ministry more effective in their own countries. For many of the participants, this was the first time they had ever met each other in person. It was an encouraging and inspirational week for everyone involved!

Here are some of the highlights that our leaders shared on our last night together:

“Through the session on personalities, I learned that I can be who I am. I can do something that I am good at to help other people and that gives me more confidence, because now I know myself better.” (Kong, DRIME Thailand)

“When I came into this week, I wasn’t feeling as good as I could be, but now I know that God didn’t have me here by chance, but he used it to teach me many things. I am very happy to have been a part of the Summit and I can’t even share all that I have learned and gained this week because it would take too much time.” (Martin, DRIME Benin)

“It was really good to get to know the blessings that God has been giving and the difficulties that every base faces. This made us feel closer, and let us know how we could pray. That is why I want to thank God for the idea for having the Summit.” (Deni, DRIME Brazil)

“God has sent me to Kenya, and I am not alone, but I am with my big family. It gives me lots of joy. I know that I am not alone, but I feel like I have been well-fed. Every moment has been incredible for me.” (Calixte, DRIME Benin)

“I am very happy to get to know and meet you. Now I know what is going on in the other bases, and what God is doing through the people there. That’s really beautiful.” (Monse, DRIME Paraguay)

“This has been one of the happiest weeks I’ve ever had. I felt at home, even though I had never met most of you.”                                (Jackie, DRIME Kenya)

“Tonight I am so glad and thankful. I just want to say that the Summit that we had was the best week that we could have had. I got to know myself a lot better. This is the work of God. It’s all about God—he has a good plan for us. Let us keep on the vision of making Jesus inescapable!” (Duncan, DRIME Kenya)

“When we first met each other, it was like the atmosphere was exploding with joy—I felt like I was coming home.” (Tanja, DRIME Paraguay)

God used this week to encourage and inspire us to keep pressing on to make him inescapable! Thanks for your support and your prayers to make this special week a success. We are planning our next Base Leaders Summit for Brazil 2014. 

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