Meeting our Brother

By Guillermo, a DRIME Paraguay leader

Daniel sat far away from where we were presenting, but he stayed and watched the dramas for a while. He was very open to listen to us. He studies at the university and works during the whole week, but something prompted him to go out this afternoon. He told us, “I was at home, doing nothing special, when I felt that I wanted to eat ice cream. So I went to buy it and saw you guys performing. At first I didn’t know if it was only a practice or what, but then one of the girls started explaining the drama and started talking about a life with Jesus and I knew that you were doing something with a purpose.” After that he told us that he had participated in a similar group in the Catholic church and that they had done different activities to get people interested in going to church.

To ensure that he understood the message that we want to share with people, I explained the purpose of the dramas once again. Daniel was excited and said, “Yes, I always tell the youngster in the church group – Jesus said ´I am the way, the truth and the light` because that is what I believe in, that is the centre of my faith.’”

We were so encouraged by our conversation with him! He totally understood the gospel, and we were able to encourage him as well. We urged him to stay in tune with God, to seek a personal relationship with him and asked if we could pray for him, to which he responded, “Of course!”

After praying he again and again told us how thankful he was that we had come all the way over to where he had been sitting to talk to him! This was a great reminder of the community that we can have in the body of Christ, and how connecting one-on-one with people can not only encourage them, but us as well!

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