Youth Only?

By Romina V. | DRIME Paraguay Member

DRIME Paraguay on the streets

Flor was sitting alone on a wall during our drama set. I was surprised to see an older lady among several groups of young people without talking to someone. She had carefully watched the dramas, and when I approached her, she was open to talk to me. She was waiting for the baptism of her grandson in the Catholic Church behind the plaza. She told me that she had liked the dramas and the message we gave. She told me,  “It is very good to young people to do that.”

I replied that we did this not just for youth people, but that this message of hope was for all. When I asked her if she had a Bible and read it, she said, “The truth is that I almost never read the Bible. But I always listen to what they say in the Catholic Service.” I encouraged her to seek the truth of God in His Word, so that nobody can come and confuse her faith, and that she should know God personally.

Flor allowed me to pray for her and her family and thanked me with a huge smile and tears in her eyes. Please pray for her to accept the challenge and personally know the God who loves and created her for a special purpose.

What’s next? 

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