One Month Until the Summit

Two years ago, 25 leaders from around the world gathered in Nairobi, Kenya for a week of learning and ministry.
As the leaders from 6 countries met people they had only seen in pictures, the excitement in the room grew as these leaders had one of the most memorable weeks of their lives.
The DRIME Base Leaders Summit is a bi-annual event that exists to keep our DRIME leaders around the world inspired and equipped to lead a DRIME ministry in their own country. This year, the Summit will be hosted in Brazil.
The Summit celebrates what the leaders and DRIME teams have accomplished, and also provides resources that many leaders could not receive in their own country. For many leaders, this is truly a once in a lifetime experience.
We know that by empowering local leaders to run a ministry in their own city, the impact will be much greater than sending missions teams or even long-term missionaries to run these teams. Not to mention, the cost is much lower to give resources to people who already speak the language and who don’t need to travel to a new country to do ministry!
Do you want to be involved? You can help support a leader from Mexico, Benin, Togo and Kenya, where these leaders would never be able to afford to go to this conference on their own.
Consider supporting a leader today – equip a leader and change the world.
 Support a leader to attend this year’s Summit in Brazil Donate-Gray-Primary-16
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