Base Leaders Summit Highlights

Last month, DRIME held its second official Base Leaders Summit in Gramado, Brazil. 28 leaders from 8 different countries joined together for a week of leadership & drama training, as well as a chance to meet together and celebrate what God has done in and through our ministry.

Check out this video for some highlights from that memorable week!


Here are some things that the leaders had to say about the week:

“DRIME for me is a family. One of the things that I most love about DRIME is that we are from different cultures and have different languages and it is Jesus is the one that connects and unites us…I am so grateful for this Summit because we can learn more about DRIME, be trained together, and go out to do ministry together.”

–  Monse, DRIME Paraguay



“I’m very grateful for this time together. It’s amazing for me to be a part of leadership. I got a lot from this Summit and I feel so equipped for any challenges ahead. My fears and worries about leadership are gone.”

– Eli,  DRIME Togo


IMG_0013“Something that touched me was when we started praying for future DRIME bases over the map. During the prayer time, I opened my eyes to see the people around me. I could see that each person around me was representing one country and this made me very happy. Seeing that one or two people in each country can spread out over the whole world, because on the map you can see a lot of land, and that reminded me of the passage in the Bible when Jesus said we should pray for workers for the harvest. It’s our responsibility to recruit for workers for that harvest, and expand the kingdom of Jesus.”

–  Richard, DRIME Paraguay

Want to see some pictures from the week? Click here to see a few of our best shots!

We had a wonderful time together. Click here to read some stories from a time of street ministry that we had together. 

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