Training Camp for DRIME Leaders


7 people from across Canada came together in one place for a weekend of of fun, learning, games, and get-to-know-you activities. Sound like camp? You’re right – camp for grown-ups, and specifically, camp for DRIME leaders. 

This event, called Base Leaders Training Camp, focuses on training current and future DRIME leaders who will be doing a base or a chapter plant.

*Mini vocabulary lesson* 

In DRIME, we have “bases” and “chapters.” Bases are the headquarters for the country which focus on doing workshops and communications for the country, and chapters are teams underneath the base that mostly focus on street ministry. For example, in DRIME Canada we have 1 base (HQ in Langley) and 3 chapters (Vancouver, Kingston, and Toronto.) 

photo 4

This year, DRIME is (Lord-willing) starting 2 new teams – a base in Hong Kong and a chapter in Calgary. Out of the 7 leaders who attended, 2 will be going to Hong Kong for 6 months, 3 will be going to Calgary, 1 will be the new Vancouver Chapter Leader and 1 is a current DRIME Toronto leader.

This wonderful group of leaders spent 4 days learning about leadership, planning for recruiting teams, getting to know each other, and praying for their ministries. We know God will do great things in and through them!

Keep these leaders in your prayers as they go into the world to make Jesus known on street corners, from Vancouver to Calgary, to Toronto and Hong Kong. 

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