While in Argentina…


DRIME Paraguay members show their enthusiasm for the ministry

By Guillermo | DRIME Paraguay Leader

DRIME Paraguay recently had the opportunity to travel to Argentina to take part in a large conference with people from many South American countries. Today, one of the leaders shares his experience. 

One of the things that most impacted my life on this trip we did with DRIME was the opening of doors in these times so we can preach and motivate more people to do the same, as well as share our ministry.

This trip to Argentina was very special for us as we were in places where there were Christians from different countries and we as Paraguayans could bring something and share about what God does in our country and how we serve him. Usually when a Paraguayan is present in front of strangers or foreigners, people tend to withdraw or feel that perhaps there is nothing special in him that he can share. On this journey, God showed us that there is much to give and there are people who need to be motivated so they can be mobilized in evangelism or ministries like that to preach his word.


DRIME Paraguay making Jesus known on the streets of their country

In the international conference that we could participate in, many people were surprised by the work we are doing and congratulated us for what we do. This was very important to some of us: God tells us and shows us more and more that he can do anything and that a Paraguayan team (that are not very sure of themselves) are useful in their hands and we give thanks for that, and the glory to him because we can bless other people. 



DRIME Paraguay has done a lot these past few years! Check out this video to see some of their highlights.

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