A Little Seed

By Morganne W. | Mission Team Member


We had just finished doing a set of dramas, and our night of ministry was coming to an end. I quickly scanned the crowd and saw a woman sitting on a bench by herself.  I felt God lead me to her, so I walked up and said hello.  She quickly glanced in my direction then looked away, but I felt God prompting me to sit down beside her and as I did, one of the base planters, Evelyn, walked up and asked if I needed a translator.

We explained the dramas to her, and shared the gospel with her, but every time we asked her questions about herself she would pull away.  However, as we became quieter, she began to ask us about the ministry.  We gave her a little booklet that shared the Gospel in both English and Chinese. She began reading and didn’t take her eyes off of it the rest of the time that we sat with her.

IMG_1967Later, her boyfriend approached us and we learned that he used to go to church but didn’t anymore, and one of our local volunteers invited him to come to his church. He then allowed us to pray for both him and his girlfriend.  At one point she looked at us with an expression of awe and joy.

They stayed long after our conversation was over and continued to watch us while the woman was still holding the booklet.  Although the conversation didn’t seem to be going where I wanted it to, I could see her interest and craving for what God had to say to her. I’m sure he will continue to work in both of their lives.

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