Little Did I Know

By Beth B. | DRIME Staff Member


Whenever I get a chance to go and participate in DRIME ministry in another country, my attitude has become “I’m here to serve however I can.”

Usually I am unable to talk to people in other countries, as language is a barrier, but on my recent trip to Mexico, I was excited to be able to use my (limited) Spanish during ministry time to share the love of God with people through my words. Little did I know that God would use me in other ways that night.

On this particular night of ministry 2 weeks ago, I went out with the DRIME Mexico team to do a ministry outside of a local fair. We had a small team, and I figured that I would likely be in a lot of dramas, but I ended up spending quite a bit of time in the crowd, sharing with people when I could, taking pictures, and praying for the team during the ministry time.


During one of the moments when I was in the crowd, I was called over to help in the dramas, as Jovanna, one of the team members, was in a conversation. I continued to fill in for Jovanna for about 30 minutes as she shared with this woman who had been selling food outside the fair and was watching our dramas the whole evening.

At the end of the night, Jovanna shared that Maria, who she had been talking to, had accepted Jesus for the first time! At that moment I knew that God had allowed me to do the job that made the most sense in that evening: to free one of our empowered, local DRIME members to have a conversation in her native tongue that would bring a lost soul to Jesus, rather than me struggling along with my less-than-perfect Spanish.

We saw Maria again the next week at ministry, and Jovanna encouraged her to stay the course in her faith. Although I never talked to her nor likely will ever see her again, I smile when I think that I had a small part in her decision for Christ…and I’m grateful.

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