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Daniel M. | DRIME Vancouver Leader

Daniel sharing about his leadership experience in DRIME.

Daniel sharing about his leadership experience in DRIME.

I decided to join DRIME my first year of university. It was a really fun experience, with drama and Jesus, and so I decided to just do it. Throughout DRIME, I have been able to  grow in my walk with God and challenge myself in my faith. Leaders in DRIME really poured into me – they told me that I had leadership and evangelism skills and poured into me. I was only 18 and didn’t know that I was a leader and didn’t know God had a call on my life like that.  I started growing and developing, and have been in DRIME Vancouver leadership for 2 years.

Some of our DRIME Vancouver members at the alumni pancake breakfast.

Some of our DRIME Vancouver members our recent alumni pancake breakfast.

I look back and see that when I was 18 I was in a place where I didn’t  really know what I was doing, and now I’m at a place where I’m confident in leadership and am always wanting to do better and improve. DRIME has been really impactful in my life and my leadership and has been teaching me what community really looks like.

One of my favourite things about DRIME is when I am on the streets doing ministry and the amazing conversations that I have had with people that just start with a “Hello” or “Do you know who Jesus is?” In our lives, we walk by so many people without talking to them, but you don’t know what one phrase or one start to a conversation will lead to. I’ve seen people and walked with them as they have experienced Christ and accepted him into their lives on the streets in Vancouver and in Calgary.

It’s amazing how one little conversation that you are scared to start can lead to something incredible. You could be at home doing nothing, but you’re there on the streets and have the courage to start a conversation with someone about Jesus, and peoples’ lives change.

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