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Michelle B | DRIME Toronto Team Member


DRIME Toronto sharing about their ministry

This past season we had the opportunity as DRIME Toronto to partner with the Peterborough chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Farmers and share the gospel at the booth they had set up at the Royal Winter Fair.

One young woman in particular named Lisa came up to the booth. She was about the same age as me and stared timidly up at the sign. I greeted her and explained who we were and asked if she would like to hear the story of the beads which tell the gospel. She said yes, and I began to go through the story.

She listened and I sensed openness in her – I asked her if she had ever heard that story before and she told me her Dad was a pastor. Since she seemed receptive and her Father was a pastor I almost took for granted the fact that she must be a Christian too. But I pressed a little deeper asking if she had accepted Jesus personally into her heart as her Lord and Saviour. To my surprise she said she hadn’t. At first I thought she misunderstand my question so I rephrased. She confirmed that indeed she hadn’t given her life over to Jesus.

The next question just seemed natural: “Would you like to accept Jesus as your personal Saviour right now?” Lisa said yes, so I went on to lead her in a prayer which she repeated aloud after me. I could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit as I was praying which confirmed in my spirit that something was indeed happening beyond the words that were being spoken. I was overjoyed!

DRIME Toronto in action on the streets.

DRIME Toronto sharing the gospel through choreographed drama on the streets

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