“I Have Been Expecting You for One Year”

A story from DRIME Benin

Many people respond to the message of the Gospel through DRIME Benin's drama presentations

Many people respond to the message of the Gospel through DRIME Benin’s drama presentations

Beginning March last year, we had an incredible ministry time in Godomey. In fact, it was very cloudy when we went for ministry so we prayed and asked God to keep the rain away. After the ministry time, we realized that it rained everywhere around except where we were performing.

We did ministry in many other places, and did not return to that ministry location until one year later. After the drama presentation, a ‘’fan milk’’ seller, named Oscar, was the first person to come ahead wanting to give his life to Christ! After the prayer he insisted to share his testimony. His first words were: “I have been expecting you for one year!”

Oscar explained that he was there one year ago, watching us during our first ministry time in that location, but he didn’t feel ready to make a decision. But he was touched by the message that day and was even healed from his sickness so he wanted to know more. He promised himself that if he saw the team in black again, he would approach them and give his life to Christ. So he kept coming around the place hoping to see us for one year.

After a year of waiting, Oscar finally met his Saviour that day!

Some of our DRIME Benin team members

Some of our DRIME Benin team members

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