“What Are You Guys Doing?”

By Gigi T. | DRIME Hong Kong member 

Like ordinary Friday evenings, DRIME street outreach was held at a familiar location. I was carrying my exhausted body after a long day at work – yet an exceptional conversation has uplifted my faith in Christ once again.

“What are you guys doing?” A foreign gentleman came forward and asked when I was among the crowd of audience. I shared with him DRIME’s mission and vision, as well as the background of DRIMERs. He was amazed by the team’s dedication in bringing God’s love to the lost on street corners amidst Hong Kong’s typical busy life schedule.

28 Nov (1)The gentleman shared with me that he was a believer once, but subsequently left church due to certain personal reasons. Along with our conversation, he was touched by the ministry and wished to make a donation. I politely turned down his kind offer, instead I invited him to make a “promise” – to remember that our Eternal God Loves him.

“Although you are yet to accept the Lord at this moment, whenever you encounter hardships or sadness in your life someday, try praying ‘in the name of Jesus Christ,’ for the Lord will definitely Listen and Help.” The gentleman couldn’t say a word but only stared at me thoughtfully. I could feel at that instant that the Holy Spirit was softening his heart and melting away the sourness within.

In this exhausting Friday evening, my heart was deeply filled with the Holy Spirit, and I feel so blessed to be a part of this conversation!

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