Reconciliation and New Life

Stories by Claudio M | DRIME Paraguay Member


I met Daniel on the streets one day during a time of ministry. He was watching the theater where we were doing ministry that day and was very happy that we were talking about Jesus. He said he had attended church from young age but then stopped attending because he decided to take another route. He asked me that day if I could pray for his life. Not only that, but he decided to reconcile with God again that afternoon. Praise the Lord!          

IMG_2477New Life                              

One day, we approached us a street vendor named Ricardo. He said he liked the dramas that we were doing. We talked a long time with him, he told us he works as a builder during the week and there he always hears talk about Jesus. He spends his weekends going to the streets to sell popcorn.

We watched the dramas the dramas together for a little while. Suddenly, he exclaimed, “I can understand the drama: Jesus came to earth to die for us and rose again, and the devil only wants to destroy our lives!”

After that, we asked if he wanted to pray with us. He accepted Jesus into his heart in a very sincere way! We thank God that he continues to reveal himself to people in a genuine way through his Holy Spirit and that we can be part of it on the streets.                                                                       

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