Coming Back Home

A story from DRIME Hong KongStreet_150612_2

One night, a young executive named John had just finished work, and on his way home, he stopped to watch a strange group of young people who were dressed all in black. This group was acting out some kind of story without words, but with movements. He also noticed a man in each drama who was wearing a white shirt.

Not long after he had been watching, he approached one of the team members in a black shirt and asked about the dramas.  Throughout the conversation John shared that he had been a Christian for a long time, but had left church for a few years as he considered God had forsaken him. He felt that God didn’t answer his prayers on family issues, and as a result of hard things in his life, he suffered from depression.

Street_150605_3The DRIMER shared his own testimony of turning away from God for over ten years but was called back home a few years ago. He encouraged John that God has a plan for everyone, and that through our circumstances God builds us up as a stronger person through faith and reliance on Him for some bigger mission in life.

The conversation ended with a prayer and they exchanged contact information, knowing that this street encounter was not a coincidence but God’s plan to bring them together for a time of mutual encouragement.

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