Prayer Points for the Summit

As the third international DRIME Leadership Summit approaches, would you join with us in praying for this conference? 

Here are some specific ways that you can pray: 

  • For our speakers, that God would guide them and give them wisdom as they share with our leaders
  • Travel mercies from our leaders traveling from eight different countries (Canada, Mexico, Paraguay, Brazil, Togo, Benin, Kenya, Hong Kong)
  • That God would speak to each of our leaders and encourage them as they participate in this week of training
  • For our time of street ministry in Bangkok at the end of our week in Thailand; that God would speak to people through the dramas and use each DRIMER in a powerful way through conversations
  • Grace and favour as we communicate with our leaders who speak many languages (Spanish, French, Thai, Portuguese, Cantonese, Swahili) – that the messages of the sessions would translate well and that God would give divine help as we communicate with each other
  • Unity for all our leaders as we come from many different countries and cultures
  • That our leaders would leave with clear vision for the future and with specific take-aways to improve their ministries in their home country


Thank you for praying with us as we prepare for this very important leadership conference! 


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