A Lesson in Trust

Story from Carol C. | South Korea Mission Trip member

img_1304The first time we did street ministry, we encountered spiritual attacks in almost every direction. People fell ill, we had to switch locations, and we even witnessed a car accident right in front of our bus as we were going to our new location. By the time we finally set up our speakers and got ready to perform, the sky was already darkening. I was feeling tired and worried that our first street ministry might not be as fruitful as we wanted it to be.

img_1238However, as I looked around me, I noticed that the Koreans from our DRIME camp seemed to have more energy than ever. They continued to express their excitement for God’s work to be done that night, and several invited me into their group to pray against the Enemy’s attacks. Inspired by their joyful spirit and boldness, I began to regain energy and decided to rely on God’s strength rather than dwell on my own worries. As the night went on, all my weariness and concerns gradually faded away as I focused on sharing God’s love to others and trusting that He is working in the people around us.  God truly transformed people’s hearts that night! We had around 55 conversations with the local Koreans and several people declared that they would go back to church.

I learned what it meant to trust in God’s sovereignty in spite of the overwhelming amount of spiritual attacks we were facing. As Romans 8:37 says, “In all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.” By depending on God’s almighty power, we can conquer any obstacles and be unstoppable in sharing His love to the world!

 You can see more pictures from this trip or read testimonies from the participants in the DRIME camp. Stay posted for 2017 dates and locations if you are interested in joining a DRIME mission trip!



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