Uganda Testimonies

Earlier this month, we sent two leaders to Uganda to lead a 5-day training for a local drama evangelism team, as well as other believers in the country who were interested in learning more. Here are some of the comments from the participants!


After street ministry:

I talked to a man and he was interested in (the drama) Liquid because that was his life. He was rejected, he is fighting with people, etc. So I explained the drama to him and got his contact for follow-up.
– Victoria

I approached a lady and then I found that she didn’t speak Luganda (the local language), only English. I thought, “I’m finished!” But then I thought, “Hmm! The Holy Spirit is with me. So I will share.” So I explained the drama to her and shared the gospel with her.
– Immy

I heard people talking about us. They wondered and said: Even the younger ladies are preaching the gospel.
– Vincent

Today was my second time doing evangelism. We shared with a man and we asked if he wanted to accept, and he said yes, so our youth pastor came over and we prayed with him together.
– Isaiah


Debrief of the week:

We learned how to approach people in many ways. Before we thought it is just about telling them about the Bible. But DRIME has shown some other way of sharing the gospel.
– Joshua

I learned three things from you: Digging, searching, sowing. I learned how to handle a team in outreaches. And now I’ve seen the way of (DRIME) outreach in Kenya and Canada. I learned many, many things this week.
– Vincent

The way that DRIME does evangelism.. it’s more interesting to watch. It entertains people. For example when I’m teaching, I don’t want them to be bored, so I’ll bring in something to help me. It helps share the message.
– Nicolas

Once you have a strategy that leads one person to Christ, we have to pursue it. The first time we did it (performed a DRIME drama) at church, the whole church was attentive. And they were understanding, even though we were not explaining it. You can’t waste such a message (tool). My passion is to see this spread all over Uganda.
– Pastor James

What I’ve seen about DRIME is that it’s very simple. You don’t need big speakers as in usual crusades. You just do the dramas, and people will come to watch.
– A local Bishop


To see more photos from the week, click here. Interested in coming to Uganda with us in August? Get more information and apply here!

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