He Looked Thoughtful

Every week, DRIME teams in 9 different countries go to the streets and use drama as a tool to engage people in spiritual conversations. Here are some of the conversations that were shared in the past two months!

‘I saw a boy around 12-years-old sitting after a time of ministry, and he looked thoughtful. I approached and began to talk to him. He had not watched all the dramas, but he was curious to know what they were about. He was very open to listen and I was able to talk to him about creation, sin, fall, and new life in Christ. At the end of the conversation, he decided to give his life to Jesus and seek contact with a Gramado church. (It has not happened yet but we are following up.)’

Gramado, Brazil


‘A gentleman invited us after watching our dramas to go and pray for his mother. He said, “I know that God is with you.” We prayed for the old woman, who could neither speak nor walk. Thank God! She speaks now but does not walk yet. The whole family believes in Jesus except the one who invited us.’

Kara, Togo


‘During our time of ministry in Attiegou with one of our church partners, we met a young girl by the name of Rose. She told us that she had given her life to Jesus and was devoted to serving in the church in the past, but left because she saw that her leader in that church was not a good testimony, and she returned to her old life. We spoke to her clearly and with tears and regret she agreed to rededicating her life to Christ. Now she is attending a church in a new neighbourhood.’

Lome, Togo


‘A DRIMER had a conversation while the team was performing with two people who had never know the Gospel. They would like to know more God. This is encouraging to us, because it is rare. God prepared us to meet them.’

Bangkok, Thailand


Did you know? Over the weekend of Feb 18-19, 41 people accepted Christ through DRIME teams around the world through conversations such as the ones above, and many more conversations happen where a decision is not made. Please continue to pray for our teams as they serve! 



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