Behind the Numbers

On average, 70 people come to Christ every month in West Africa through our four teams there – DRIME Cotonou and DRIME Calavi in Benin, and DRIME Lomé and DRIME Kara in Togo. But ministry in West Africa is not simple, and there are many untold stories behind the encouraging stats that are shared. Today, we share three testamonies from DRIME Calavi (Benin) that gives us insight on how to better pray for these teams.


Tonight (Sunday, February 19th), I met an old gentleman. As I was approaching him, he interrupted me and told me that he knows what I want to talk to him and that he prefers the opposite of my teaching. He told me that he loves the devil and that by the devil one can also reach Jesus. I replied that he was ignorant, but he was confined to his philosophy. I would like for each one of us to remember to continue praying for every person that we meet during ministry time.
Bertrand H. 

I shared the gospel with a gentleman and he seemed to be ready for the conversion prayer. He asked me to allow him to go get his family so that together they could receive Christ. But I waited until the end of our ministry time and I did not see him again. I would like us to pray for him, and entrust his commitment to the Lord’s hands.
– Marius A.


I’m very passionate about evangelism. But I’ve only ever done evangelism through handing out tracts. I’ve always felt a thirst to do better than that, to do more than handing out tracts, but I didn’t know how. When DRIME presented in my community, a voice deep within me told me that I would one day join this group. So I decided to join and I can assure you that I’ve never regretted that decision. Being on this team has broken the power of many negative things in my life, especially pride. I was prideful, and I believed that I could only hand out tracts. Even in my church community, I was unwilling to follow the teaching that would build me up as a disciple.

Being on the DRIME team now, I can’t say that I’ve finished dealing with every bad thing in me, but I have gained a lot of humility and boldness to share the gospel with people. I want to keep my heart as a slave for God to better serve Him. May God help me!
– Jean-Paul S. (shared at a team prayer meeting)


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