DRIME Videos on Vimeo

In the past few years, we have been moving towards making our drama training videos more accessible online, and there have been many discussions on how best to share these videos and whether or not they should be free. After much discussion, we’ve decided this year that it is most important to us to make it easy for people to get our drama videos, so that more people can use them to make Jesus known.

What’s new:

  • All of our drama training videos are now available on vimeo.com/drime and can be accessed not only on computer, but on mobile devices as well.
  • All of our videos, including the ones with DRIME original music, can be downloaded for free
  • Our older videos have been edited to include the DRIME logo, the name of the drama, and an outro with credits and our website
  • New versions of classic dramas “It’s My Life” and “Liquid” have also been uploaded to Vimeo!


1. Will DVDs be free as well?

  • No. For now, we will continue charging a small fee for our DVD drama kits to cover the cost of making them.

2. What about other sites such as Youtube?

  • Stay tuned! We are planning to put some of our videos on Youtube too, but some videos can not be made available on Youtube due to copyright issues with the music. Vimeo will be the place where you can watch and download every video.

3. What about the other material that came in the DVDs and digital downloads?

  • DRIME original music will continue to be made available on iTunes, and drama scripts and evangelism tips have been uploaded. You can find all the links in the description box in each Vimeo video.


We are excited about this new step and hope that our dramas will be able to serve more people as they share Jesus with  their world. If you have any questions, or suggestions on how we can continue to improve, please email us at info@drime.com!


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