Uganda Mission Team Experience

In August, we sent a mission team to Uganda to train and do ministry with a local church and outreach team. The team came home with many incredible stories and memories. Here’s what some of the members had to say about the experience

“I originally did not want to be a part of this trip. I didn’t know what DRIME was, I couldn’t pay for it, but God kept putting on my heart. He kept saying “Go!” and I kept arguing saying “No, I am not going!” Eventually, I said “Okay, I will go” and I am so glad I did, because this trip has been amazing. One story is that there was a girl who worked at the inn we were staying at and she saw us interacting. She saw us laughing, loving each other, and smiling. Through that she became a Christian. I thank God that she did and I thank God for this experience.”

– Stacy V. (Edmonton)


“For me, the trip held a number of parallels: from when I
lead a person in the salvation prayer for the first time in my life, and God tapped me on the shoulder and reminded me that when I had prayed that prayer as a child, it was after a Christian puppets show – God had brought evangelistic drama full circle to show me that He cares personally about the things I care about; to faithfully sharing my testimony with a young man who after told me was facing the same difficult issues!”

“A highlight for me was when a staff member at the inn we were staying at asked us about Faith during our “downtime”, and seeing the powerful transformation in her as a result of that, I learnt that there is no such thing as “downtime”, we are always on mission – even back home I am on mission. God wants to use us all the time, not just for two weeks when we are on a mission trip.”

– Evan R. (DRIME Vancouver)

“I didn’t know what to expect on this trip. I knew it was going to be good and that I would see amazing things, but I never imagined I would love it so much. A time of ministry that stands out the most for me was when Geoffrey and I got to share the gospel with a group of young children and 6 of them gave their hearts to Jesus. It may seem like such a small thing, but it was powerful to me that these little children would understand their need for Christ.”

– Chana C. (DRIME Vancouver)


“This trip was such a wonderful experience. I love African culture and the passion and faith of the believers here. My faith has increased because of the Body of Christ in Uganda, and my passion to see Jesus inescapable on the street corners. Being a part of dancing during praise and worship at church and seeing lives changed during street ministry has been my favourite and most fulfilling parts of this trip for me.”

– Lina G. (DRIME Toronto)

“DRIME is such a special ministry. I have seen people’s life changed [through this trip] and it has impacted people of all ages. The different [and unique] thing about DRIME is that people can’t run away from the truth; they will listen or watch and learn how God wants their hearts.”

– Geoffrey O. (DRIME Kenya)



Click here to see more photos from their trip, and check out the video below from their first time of praise and worship at the church!

Posted by DRIME on Friday, August 18, 2017


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