Reflections on Community

One of our core values in DRIME is community. Today we want to share with you a few reflections and stories from some of our DRIMERs about their experience with community.


“One thing I have learned about community with DRIME is that a common passion & purpose is an incredible uniting force! The DRIME family stretches out across 9 countries and includes several different languages, yet we truly are a ‘family’ who cares about each, prays for each other and can have fun together even after years apart or dealing with language barriers. Our common purpose gives us a common language.” – Carleigh

“One thing I have experienced about community with DRIME is that it doesn’t matter who you are or what you are feeling, you will always leave feeling loved, valued, and cared for.” – Chana

“I have learned that community is much more than who you would naturally gravitate towards. Community is about self-sacrifice, and seeking the pleasure of others, not yourself. Through DRIME, I have always found myself around people who to be honest, I probably wouldn’t naturally be around, but in the proximity of people that are so different, I have learned a lot about God’s Kingdom, and what it means to truly love each other, and sacrifice for each other. It is so unique to be surrounded by, and learn from people who are so different than you. We need more of that in our lives!” – Jamie

“One thing I have learned about community with DRIME is that people can make people better. I would not be the person I am today if not for all the people who spent time listening to me and encouraging me when I had doubts or felt fearful or overwhelmed!” – Evelyn

Lastly, we have an amazing story of what community looks like through an experience that one DRIMER had:

To me, DRIME is my second family, because it really is a big family. One day in a DRIME practice, I asked that the team would pray for me, that God would provide for me because I didn’t have the money to pay for my semester of university. I was so frustrated because I was working, paying my bills and serving God, but nothing happened. I was angry with God, and told him: “I’m going through this because I’m serving you.” The following Monday, I arrived at the university and the secretary told me: “Raquel, I need to give you your receipt for full payment for this semester and the next one.” I answered: “What? You must have the wrong Raquel.” “You’re Raquel Noguera?” “Yes, that’s me, but what happened? I don’t understand.” There had been a DRIMER, with his wife, who used all their savings and vacation pay to pay for my studies. To me, this was really powerful, and connected me even more to this family. I believe that God has blessed me greatly through their lives. It wasn’t only this, but I’ve experienced the blessing of God through DRIME on many different occasions. God always provides. I’ve experienced the fullness of God’s love and faithfulness through the DRIME family.” – Raquel

We are so grateful for the beautiful community that we see through the DRIME family around the world!

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