Deni & Maura – Celebrating 25 years!



We get to interview Deni and Maura this month on their stories with DRIME!

Over the course of this year, we’ll be sharing stories and videos every month, having “the sweetest streets ever” event, fundraising for our teams around the world, and ending off with a benefit concert next fall. It will be a year to remember!



[What were you doing when you were 25?]

Maura: We just got married.

Deni: You just got married. I was… I’m older than you.

Maura: He was older. You were falling in love with me.

Deni: Yes!

[How did you join DRIME?]

Deni: So in 2002, I watched Ragman. I was a new Christian at that time, so I could see how God was acting in my life at that time. I want to learn more about this ministry. I went to the (DRIME) workshops. And here I am.

[What is a ministry highlight from your time in DRIME?]

Maura: One of my highlights is once we performed in a poor neighbourhood. And we realized a lady was watching from inside the house. And when we approached her she was already crying, because she said “I had a dream last night. People wearing black were coming here to talk to me!” I said, “We wear black because we want to show you this man in white!” She gave her life to Christ.

[What is something you learned while in DRIME?]

Maura: That I have to put my feet on water. Once we had an opportunity to go start a base in Africa. And how are we going to fundraise all this money in Brazil? And then God clearly said to us, “Put your feet in the water, and you can walk if you believe me. And that’s what we did! We set up the trip and the money came! So God was helping us to trust him.

Maura: I’m Maura.

Deni: I’m Deni.

Maura: And this is our DRIME story.

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