Alex – Celebrating 25 years!


Alex is a beloved member of the DRIME team in Hong Kong, and has been deeply involved in the ministry for years now! We are so thankful that he has been a huge part of the story God has told through DRIME over the last 25 years.



[How did you join DRIME?]

When I crossed the street of Hong Kong in a crowded area, and there was a guy in a white t-shirt where I immediately recognized that’s Jesus. I waited for someone to talk with me and then I know that this is called “DRIME team”, and they are going to have a workshop that weekend, and that’s how my DRIME journey started.

[What is the most memorable moment?]

I think the most memorable moment is when I went to the Taiwan mission trip, and I prayed a prayer to God, that He would allow people, Christians and non-Christians alike, to see him. One of the brothers on the team shared that “I can really see Jesus in the drama when I was watching it on the street with other people”. My prayer got answered.

[What does the DRIME community mean to you?]

The four letter word: L-O-V-E. It’s so much love in a team that I can be vulnerable with my brothers and sisters and really share what’s in my heart. They listen and they walk alongside me. (It’s a) loving place and also a loving team to be in.

I am a DRIMER.

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