Benin Pastors – Celebrating 25 years!


This year, DRIME Benin is celebrating their ten-year milestone! We took the opportunity to connect with a few Beninese pastors who have seen their church communities grow and be strengthened by their partnerships with our local DRIME teams.



[What were you doing at 25?]

Pasteur AHOGA Séraphin: I already knew Christ as my Saviour at 25. So I was a student in university. But the biggest thing is I have already given my life to Christ, and it is the best thing.

[How have you seen DRIME work with your church?]

Pasteur DIKE Emmanuel: When DRIME will come, they will do the drama – how Jesus came to earth, suffered, and died, how he made the people, and people rejected him, and after all, he gave his life to them, he died and everything. So when DRIME was presented, people will stand and watch and discuss, so they will be attracted. From there, we begin to meet them one after another, telling them about Jesus, writing their names and contacts. So that’s why we get some of the contacts. So since then, the church is really happy to see DRIME working together with us.

[How have you seen DRIME impacting your church and community?]

Docteur AHOSSINME Rogatien: Every time DRIME goes somewhere for ministry, there are always people who give their lives to Christ. My own dad became a Christian through DRIME. After a DRIME presentation, many people started believing in Christ, and my dad was among one of them who decided to become a Christian in that moment. Yes, and it was through DRIME!

Pasteur AHOGA Séraphin: The impact of DRIME in Benin and specifically in our church is very important. I will give you a testimony to start. The one who just got married.. He was a Muslim, but came to Christ through the ministry of DRIME. We are so happy to have the DRIME ministry and how it impacted the people of Benin. So many people have given their lives to Christ. If DRIME didn’t exist, we would need to create it!

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