Hong Kong Alumni – Celebrating 25 Years!


We cannot imagine our DRIME community without the passion, ingenuity, and joy that our Hong Kong team carries. This month, two alumni from DRIME Hong Kong share with us their experiences of serving on the team.



Hugo Yeung: God’s grace is always here. You never know what will happen during a time of ministry. Simply choosing to show up could change someone’s life forever. This is very fascinating.

Tsz Ching Chan: God had a purpose in pulling various people from all walks of life to be part of this team. We might not serve on this team forever, but I think these several years of serving together has given us a foundational experience in our spiritual journey.

Hugo: What stands out to me is that DRIME is really like a family. Everyone is willing to share their hardships and happiness. Everyone supports each other.

Tsz Ching: DRIME is not just an outreach ministry, but it is a great support for its team members too!

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