Beninese DRIMERs – Celebrating 25 years!


Horace, Deborah and Charlotte from the Calavi team talk about how being in DRIME impacted their lives, and how DRIME is impacting their communities.



[Why did you join DRIME?]

Horace: I decided to join DRIME because I felt in me a need to share the gospel. I had already seen how the DRIME team shared the gospel and that really interested me, that they could share the gospel to so many people because I knew I couldn’t do that alone. With DRIME, I knew that I had a community of people with me, and that we could do it together.

Deborah: I was in Burkina when I heard about the DRIME team. In my church, we don’t really have the opportunity to share the gospel, or to evangelize, so I thought that this would be a great way for me to share the good news with those that didn’t know.

[How has DRIME impacted you?]

Charlotte: Without going into detail, I was in a bad place before DRIME came. I had decided to stop serving God. Even in my own church, I had already stepped down from serving. DRIME really impacted me, in my desire to serve God.

Horace: Yes, when I joined DRIME, so many things changed. For example, I was no longer scared to talk in public! At the same time, DRIME helped me be courageous, and to be ready for all challenges that may come my way. When we travel for ministry, we don’t visit “easy” places, they are often very difficult to be at. Despite that, with DRIME, when we serve in DRIME, God helps us be very effective in those places! That’s what I love the most.

Deborah: I am someone very shy, I don’t like to talk to people, but DRIME helped me be able to speak to many people and I am continuing to work on my shyness so that it is no longer a problem. DRIME allows me to meet many other believers, and serving with my new family in Christ, this has developed a deep love between me and my brothers and sisters.

[How have you seen DRIME impact your community?]

Horace: DRIME has impacted my city more than we could ever imagine. When people see us come and do ministry every Sunday, they are happy to see us, sometimes they are waiting for us to arrive so that we can speak to them about God. When we do ministry at the beach, we meet many people, so even with that we can see that DRIME is impacting many lives in my city. Yes, it’s happening now, and it will continue to happen for a long time!

Charlotte: It’s me, Charlotte, DRIMER in Calavi.

Deborah: This is my story!

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