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Before the COVID-19 pandemic, a night of fruitful ministry for DRIME used to include embraces, heads bowed together in prayer, and dozens of people gathered to watch the gospel story unfold through choreographed street drama.
No longer able to meet in public spaces, DRIME began to share performances and stories on social platforms, garnering widespread interest. In 2020, there were over 11,000 gospel presentations and 1,149 people made a decision to follow Jesus.

When the world came to a halt in the spring of 2020, Priscila Colmenares and her DRIME team in Colima, Mexico couldn’t have imagined how long they would have to stay at home.

After a month in quarantine, Priscila felt the Spirit’s prompting to explore new strategies. “New ideas arose and we made them come true,” she says.

Priscila and her team began a YouTube channel to share pre-recorded dramas and then premiered them on Facebook Live.

“In our programming we try to be dynamic,” she adds. “We tell stories of how God has spoken to people and what we experience when we show up to do ministry. We also play games and have challenges. It’s a lot of fun.”

Tuning into one of these broadcasts was Guillermo, an air traffic controller working in Colima. New to the city and living alone, he felt disconnected from other believers and his spiritual life was stagnant. He had strayed from the Lord.

Guillermo first came across DRIME on Instagram and was moved by the stories of compassion and redemption that their dramas told. Eventually, he found DRIME’s Facebook page and began watching their ministry presentations, as well as several online church services that the team had linked to.

Longing to reconnect with Jesus again, Guillermo reached out to the DRIME team asking for help. Priscila invited him to join her at church and he was immediately embraced by her friends and the community. That night, Guillermo came back to the Lord.

Studying and reading Scripture in community has strengthened Guillermo’s relationship with God and he is now involved in the worship ministry at his new church.

“I believe that God is the One who moved all the pieces so that he could find us through social networks,” says Priscila. “DRIME was just the medium that God used to establish the link between Guillermo and the local church.”


(Originally posted on as part of the Power to Change 2020 Impact Report.)

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