DRIME was birthed out of the following intent: 

  •  Use creative drama, dance and music to transcend language barriers and communicate Christ’s love and grace to people all over the world
  • Train other outreach ministries through drama and evangelism workshops
  • Multiply itself by training leaders to create DRIME chapters and bases in multiple locations around the world
  • Allow members to grow in evangelism skills, drama training, and leadership experience

In 1994, Tanya Price had a vision to use creative tools of evangelism to share the gospel with the lonely and searching of this world. She shared her dream with friends and fellow students in the cafeteria and dorms of Northwest Baptist College and before long this small group of 10 enthused students began an outreach ministry on the city streets of Vancouver.

Today DRIME (Disciples Ready in Mobile Evangelism) continues as a vital, full-time street drama and equipping ministry which uses the tool of choreographed drama set to music to share the Gospel with those on the city streets across North America and other countries overseas. God has graciously allowed us to take teams internationally to many countries, and we have established permanent extension ministries (bases) around the world!

In July of 2007, DRIME joined the ministry of Power to Change (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ Canada), and is working in collaboration with many of the PTC ministries to reach the people on the city streets for the Kingdom!


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