Sound Systems and the Spirit Moving in Mexico

By Janna Cressman

Janna is one of DRIME’s Base Planters who spent 5 months in Benin, West Africa, starting a DRIME ministry there.  She is currently living in San Diego, California and working with local churches to begin another North American DRIME Chapter.  Janna and a group of 8 excited young people are sharing their faith in their city and also across the Mexican border.

On October 30th, DRIME San Diego was part of an outreach event in Tijuana, Mexico put on by a network of churches and ministries in Tijuana. It consisted of carnival game activities for the kids, free lunch, doctors and dentists providing free care, music, drama, preaching and giving away bags of food.

Our team arrived later than expected because we got a little lost along the way, but when we got there the rain from the morning had finally stopped and we were ready for ministry. Some activities were on hold due to the rain as the sound system they were hoping to use for the music, dramas and preaching was not able to be used. Thankfully, the sound system we brought enabled them to start the program! There was music, preaching and several dramas in the afternoon. The funny thing is that the majority of what I did that day was work the sound machine! The night before this event I was praying that God would use us as He saw fit and He did – just in different ways then I had expected, which is often how it works with God!

The team kept busy by helping the doctors set up for taking patients, performing the dramas and speaking to the crowd about the dramas. Another team of youth from a local Mexican church who I had trained the week before in a few DRIME dramas came to minister with us. It warmed my heart to see them sharing their faith with their neighbours through the dramas.

The enemy tried so hard to stop the Gospel from being shared that day, but God prevailed because 45 people gave their lives to the Lord that afternoon! Praise God! These new believers are being followed up with and discipled by the local Mexican churches that were present at the event.

The day was nothing like I expected but much more than I had hoped! It’s so exciting to be part of God’s work through DRIME.

Please be in prayer for Janna as she serves in San Diego through May 2011, and for the growing team in San Diego.  Pray that through their ministry many more lives will be changed!

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