“I need Jesus!”

By Tanja Dück

Raquel and Marlene, two Paraguay DRIME team members, went to talk with two young women that were sitting on a bench at the plaza – pretty far away from where we were presenting. They started a conversation about the dramas we were performing and the meaning behind them. Soon into the conversation, the young women told them that they were a lesbian couple and didn’t want to know much about God. Marlene started to share her experiences of how God had helped her accept herself and build a healthy self-esteem. One of the woman cried out and started sharing about all the miserable things she had gone through in her short life already: how people in her family and her former church had hurt her so badly. One of her questions stood out: “Why does God let these things happen?”

Marlene knew she could not provide all the answers to this woman’s cry on her own but as she continued the conversation, God gave her words to share about his love and kindness even in difficult times. After talking a while longer, this woman realized “I have a 3-year-old daughter and I want her to have a better life. I need Jesus! Help me.” Raquel and Marlene were able to guide her in prayer to give her life to Jesus, the Savior of her soul!

Tanja is one of the DRIME Paraguay leaders.  Please continue to uplift them and the team in Paraguay in your prayers!

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